Feeding kennel dogs

In this note I would like to tell about feeding dogs of his kennel and at the same time dispel some myths about food. I prefer to feed my dogs natural food, the reason is banal, I have a lot of dogs and so cheaper – allows you to adjust the diet of all dogs together to take into account the time of year, then explain more. The basis of the dog's diet should be MESA! Let not the first grade, trim, by-products, but MESA. Primarily beef, as the least contaminated with medicines, as opposed to poultry meat. But not meat unified, also needs a carbohydrate component and it can successfully replace FAT and/or porridge. Not all cereals are equally useful, the dog's digestive tract is adapted to digest only very soft varieties. The less grinding – the more digested, the richer the porridge on proteins, the more useful it is, as it complements the protein diet. I use three types of cereals: Rice Seed, Walnut, Proso. Just no less than all of the above are important micronutrients, to make up for them with food I use: meat-bone flour, table salt and fish oil! In winter, I add 250-500 grams of smalt or other fat, which increases the carbohydrate value of the serving. So the recipe for porridge: 1 kg of ofofproducts 2 kg of porridge mixture (a piece of buckwheat, a cut of rice, a poso) 10 grams of cooked salt 50 grams of meat-bone flour Boil to a homogeneous mass in 10l pan. As a result, we get about 15 full portions. Just before feeding I add fish oil to the finished portion. I also want to say that it is necessary once a month to give FREE large bones of cattle, to clean teeth from stone. I'll write a separate article about it.

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